Making Great APPS WITH Simple/Great Design


Go to Country Codes

Country Codes

Simple App helps you find country name or code with over 200 Countries

Go to Syrian Restaurants in Egypt

Syrian Restaurants in Egypt

an app Helps you to find The Syrian Restaurants in Egypt with Addresses,food menus,one tap to call, and more…

Go to Quran Sound

Quran Sound

Allows you to Listen to Holly Quran for More than 80 Reciters with ability to Listen without Internet!

Go to Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier

it will show an Alarm when the battery gets to 100% to remind you to unplug the Charger

Go to Quick WhatsApp Message – QWM

Quick WhatsApp Message – QWM

allows you to send a WhatsApp Message to any number you want without saving it in your contacts

Go to Geeks Comics

Geeks Comics

Funny Comics for Geeks

Go to VCF Manager

VCF Manager

helps you Managing Your Contacts

Go to FireApp


FireApp is a Real-Time complete chatting app with ‘Tap and Hold’ to Record and share voice messages . you can share images, audio, video, contact, even sharing your location!.

Go to Slorks it

Slorks it

Slorks (Ahmad Boarki) Calendar Style